Who we are

Our Mission

The South Eastman Transition Initiative exists to help facilitate a transition towards more sustainable lifestyles in Southeastern Manitoba.

Our Organization

For the present, we have established a simple structure with the understanding that we will need to move to a more complex structure as community participation increases. The steering committee consists of:  Eric Rempel, chair; Gabriel Gagné, Jack Heppner, Ernie Klassen, and Rebecca Hiebert.

Our Vision/Strategy for the Future

Transition Towns:  While not yet fully committed to a model of transition towards the future, we are drawn to the Transition Towns model (http://transitiontowns.org/ and http://transitionculture.org/ 

PublicationsWe prepare a 500-word article every week under the masthead: Rethinking Lifestyle. It is designed to create a visible profile in the community for our organization, invite participation in the Transition Initiative, and provide a venue where ideas relevant to sustainable issues can be exchanged. It is published in The Carillon, in the blog section of www.MySteinbach.ca, and on our website.

Website: www.southeasttransition.com. This site is becoming a useful point of reference and a resource surrounding issues of sustainability. The website provides a link to other websites and articles we consider relevant. It also provides a directory of individuals, businesses, and organizations in Southeastern Manitoba that offer information, experience, and products or services relevant to sustainable living. Check it out. Join a discussion in the online forum.

Events:  We sponsor a public event, usually on the fourth Thursday evening of each month. (Check the website for details.) These include showing of relevant documentaries, listening to special speakers, participating in “town house” meetings or workshops. We try to include a forum for dialogue around issues related to sustainability at these events. Your suggestions for public events are welcome. If you have ideas, contact us. Join us also for discussion of sustainability topics at Green Drinks, 7pm on the second Tuesday of the month at Lecoka,  Main Street,  Steinbach.

Engage Local Leaders: We engage local leaders in discussions relating to the public impact of decisions they are making and their effect on sustainability. Our plan is to include dialogue with federal, provincial, municipal and city leaders, school and health officials, local business persons and church leaders.


Want to be informed and involved?

Contact us mail@southeasttransition.com.

Sign up to receive our email newsletter at the email address above or at one of our public events.

Volunteer:  Attend and help promote our public events, write articles, participate in the discussion forum or offer ideas for how to proceed.


“Towards a Sustainable Future Together”