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Past Public Events

The documentaries we have watched are available for private viewing. Contact us.

April 2012, we had our third annual Organic Gardening Workshop. Here is what we talked about.

  • a bit of philosophy (But not much. We are not rabid about this. Our primary goal is to promote local food production.) about why you should consider organic production
  • some basic seeding, planting and weeding, including some tricks such as a jab planter and an oscillating hoe
  • Selena talked about  the way they began gardening on sod without tilling, using cardboard and compost. She distributed this paper based on their experience in New Bothwell..
  • Gabriel talked about companion planting, crop rotation, mulching, green manure, fertilization and intercropping
  • Eric talked about his hairy vetch/barley trial
  • Ruth pointed out the difference between the flat gardens we were seeing and the raised beds they use.
  • We did not talk about organic pest control

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March 1012

We’re approaching the end of growth. Will we embrace it? Or go down fighting?

From Las Vegas to Atlanta, Mexico City to Mumbai, the White House to the Vatican, GrowthBusters takes us on a whirlwind tour of growth mania. It’s Wild Kingdom with a twist: the cameras are turned on humanity as our own survival skills are examined. GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth looks into the psychology of denial and crowd behavior. It explores our obsession with urban and economic growth, and our reluctance to address overpopulation issues head-on. This documentary holds up a mirror, encouraging us to examine the beliefs and behaviors we must leave behind – and the values we need to embrace – so our children can survive and thrive.