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Summer in the City 2012


Focus: Envisioning a Solar Future

The overall goal is to raise the awareness of what is possible with solar, and to draw people into conversation about the sustainability of our lifestyle. Volunteers are needed for the conversation.

  1. Outside, hands on.

      1. Jack's solar oven, baking cookies which we sell.

      2. A display unit of vacuum evacuated tubes heating water. Evolve Green will let us use theirs.

      3. A flat plate solar water heater. Have not located one.

    1. A display sized solar wall (Ron Peters is building one)

    2. A display unit photovoltaic complete with battery and light, again from Evolve Green. This is a 12 volt system

    3. David Dawson has built a simple pump powered by a windshield wiper motor. This is a demonstration unit, but it would be suitable for pumping from a pond or shallow well.

    4. A lighting display, with a large face analogue ammeter. A switch would control flow to different light bulbs and the current draw would be reflected on the ammeter.

  2. Under a 10 x 10 ft canopy

    1. Chairs, etc, built from pallet furniture. Their function is to facilitate conversation

    2. Poster sized photos:

      1. What is SETI.

      2. Jack's food dehydrator

      3. Solace house

      4. Home sized wind generator

      5. Peak Oil poster

      6. ???

    3. Handouts (for sale)

      1. Rethinking 2011 booklet

      2. solar dehydrator CDs

      3. something on each of the above.

      4. Questionnaire??? I have been advocating for this as a way of drawing people into discussion, however if we have all of the above I do not think it is necessary.