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Wood Heat

The Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.  (WETT) can be accessed here. WETT is the Canadian regulatory body with respect to wood heating appliances.

This is a short video on the features of a new, high efficient, EPA wood stove.

Natural Resources Canada has an excellent online booklet on wood heating, but I can't find it on their web site. You can however, access it here


Tulikivi seems to be the name in masonry heating. The Tulikivi representative in Canada is Soapstone Heating.

Jakob Dik, Kleefeld 377-4664 or 392-5456 has had experience in building Masonry heaters in Germany. He is currently (January 2011) negotiating with Soapstone Heating to become an installer for them.

Probably the most experienced Masonry Stove builder in Manitoba is Keystone Masonry The web site has good links to other sites.

Waldemar Beitler, New Bothwell 371-3457 Chimney Sweeper and Inspector