Northern Sun Farm Coop

Northern Sun Farm is an intentional community situated just south of Sarto in the Pansey area. The community came into being some 20 years ago in response to the excessive consumption they observed around them at that time. Community members are interested in many lifestyle conversations, including wind power, solar power, food production, food preservation,  They welcome visitors. For Abe Warkintin's take on this community, check Carillon Column Here and There. For a very interesting description of life at Northern Sun Farm, enjoy the journal of a WOOFer who spent a week there
  • Gerhard Dekker 434-6143
  • Dawn Buchanen 434-6143
  • Janine Gibson 434-6018

On March 16, Gerhard Dekker of this group joined us and spoke to us about what they have learned about simple housing:
  1. We don't need all the space we have in our houses. 500 sq. ft. is enough for a family of three. At Northern Sun this space is complemented by a commond bath and a common kitchen used in summer time.
  2. Clay based plasters (on a straw bale wall) are very adequate, durable and comfortable.
  3. Earthen floors are more comfortable than concrete floors.
  4. Straw bale construction also consumes planetary resources as the structure goes up, but the result is more of a "home" than conventional construction.