Roy Enns

These are, in many cases, huge issues and as you stated that realistically require lengthy investigation, deliberation and discussion by all interested/affected parties.


A further brief response is attached for each question


 1.        I think City Council needs to invite community discussion on how our
community could be designed to cope with a less abundant future.

Yes, an annual Public Forum should be implemented to address this issue as well as the current growth implications facing Steinbach. We must, however, understand that current growth is not likely sustainable.


2.         I believe City Council should provide transport alternatives for those
who don't own a car such as pensioners, students and low-income families.

Yes, we have reviewed various Public transportation systems and it was felt that such were likely not viable until we reach a population base of 20 to 25 thousand people. I would however like us to continue to develop regional walkways and enhanced bike routes with a possible bike use/rental system to be added to encourage one time users.


3.         I believe sound urban development should include ensuring equal solar
access to residential sites and building walkable, connected neighborhoods.

Yes, we have focused renewed effort on building connecting walkways and this must continue as more and more people are viewing this form of transportation as a real alternative.


4.         I believe the City should provide incentives to individuals and developers who intend to use energy conserving technology.

No, incentives might best be left to the other level of Government and Manitoba Hydro.


5.         I believe the City should purchase land to increase public green space.

Yes, continued expansion of our green space is paramount as was evidenced by the recent addition of the Steinbach Soccer complex with plans for trails in the treed area adjacent to same.


6.         I think that local government has a role in the protection of native
flora and fauna.

Yes, we all have a role in safeguarding plant life for the benefit and use of future generations.


7.         I support a role for council in discouraging the use of plastic bags.
An out right ban on plastic bags may well be forthcoming at some juncture however in the interim we need to encourage re-use of bags and bio-degradable alternatives.


8.         I believe that government should challenge its citizens' ideas or
habits regarding the environment.
Yes, we need to stretch our citizen's thoughts as to the environment with factual information that motivates change.


9.         I believe the use of chemicals for cosmetic lawn and garden purposes
contributes to human health problems.
I would say no at this time as lawn chemicals are specific to an individual's property and limited in scope.


10.       I believe the use of chemicals to control mosquitoes has a negative
effect on other pollinators and human health.

Yes, I do have concerns as to the impact of wide spread City spraying of mosquito's due to the impact on the environment as well as our citizen's health. At this time I feel that spraying has more risks than benefits as the mosquito season is typically short lived.

11.       In recent years large corporations have taken over the grocery and
stationery markets. Since large corporations have resulted in growing
stress on local businesses, I believe City Council needs to take steps to
stop this trend.
No, as a smaller urban centre we strive to be open for all business and I believe this view would be supported by the Local Chamber of Commerce as well. This a trend that is prevalent in all Industries and Steinbach has shown it's ability to adapt to these changing business environments. 


Roy Enns