Jerry Korman

I would like to raise a few points:

1.       I think City Council needs to invite community discussion on how our community could be designed to cope with a less abundant future.
Due to a downturn in the economy, we must do more to attract business and jobs to our community.

2.       I believe City Council should provide transport alternatives for those who don't own a car such as pensioners, students and low-income families.
Communities of our size have always had difficulty in justifying public transportation, as they are usually money losing ventures. Perhaps a private sector business case may be made for such a venture.

3.       I believe sound urban development should include ensuring equal solar access to residential sites and building walkable, connected neighborhoods.

In a climate like ours, one cannot expect "walkable" at -40. Solar is exotically expensive unless it receives massive subsidies

4.       I believe the City should provide incentives to individuals and developers who intend to use energy conserving technology.
There are already Federal and Provincial incentives to do so  

5.       I believe the City should purchase land to increase public green space.

How much "green space" do you propose?

6.       I think that local government has a role in the protection of native flora and fauna.
There are already Federal and Provincial programs and departments in place to do so  

7.       I support a role for council in discouraging the use of plastic bags.
Do you support cutting down trees for paper bags instead? It's actually very efficient to make plastic bags, and if citizens chose to do so they can collect their plastic bags for recycling to keep them out of landfills

8.       I believe that government should challenge its citizens' ideas or habits regarding the environment.

I do not support government telling the people what to do. It should be the other way around. If enough people in the community support such initiatives, they can make that point known through Citizens Groups, petitions, and their voting habits
9.     I believe the use of chemicals for cosmetic lawn and garden purposes contributes to human health problems.

As a chemical engineer, do you care to elaborate on that? Don't be afraid to use Calculus and chemistry
10.   I believe the use of chemicals to control mosquitoes has a negative effect on other pollinators and human health.

As a chemical engineer, do you care to elaborate on that? Don't be afraid to use Calculus and chemistry

11.   In recent years large corporations have taken over the grocery and stationery markets. Since large corporations have resulted in growing stress on local businesses, I believe City Council needs to take steps to stop this trend.

All of us have to be competitive in the economy. If local business is competitive, it will thrive due to more business from local support 

Jerry Korman

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering

B.Sc. Computer Science