Earl Funk

Further discussion on selected questions by Earl Funk:

2.         I believe City Council should provide transport alternatives for those who don't own a car such as pensioners, students and low-income families.

I believe that in the years to come as we grow larger we will need to look at public transit. This will unclog our road ways, so we don't have to use more land to build wider roads. Also public transportation would possibly be better for our environment.


5.         I believe the City should purchase land to increase public green space.

I believe that the developer should be required to reserve green space in every development. This would make sure that there will always be sufficient green space for parks, ponds and family activities.


7.         I support a role for council in discouraging the use of plastic bags.

Instead of discouraging the use of plastic bags, council should help educate consumers about alternative bag solutions. Council could work together with chamber to reward merchants that excel in recycling and using environmentally friendly ways to package their products. i.e: Have a “Most Environmentally Friendly” merchant award.


10.       I believe the use of chemicals to control mosquitoes has a negative
effect on other pollinators and human health.

I would like to try natural ways of fighting mosquitoes, i.e. bats, dragonflies. It would be great if we all cleaned up standing water quicker.


11.       In recent years large corporations have taken over the grocery and stationery markets. Since large corporations have resulted in growing stress on local businesses, I believe City Council needs to take steps to stop this trend.

Large company stores will come in anyway. I feel that it is up to us, the small merchants, to create a loyal customer base through quality, experience, fair price and trust. Big stores can not offer this. They can only give a low price, but if you want service and quality you must come to us.

I also think that big stores could be good because they bring more people to the area.