Chris Summerville

I would prefer not to answer a simple “yes or no.”  However, I philosophically and theologically hold to an environmentalism that is based upon “Creation Care.” The Lord did not create us to pillage and rape the earth. God placed us here to be good stewards of creation. Anything that would destroy that harmony and balance He desires is not in our best interest as human beings. As we destroy the good earth, we will destroy ourselves through toxins, waste and consumerism.  I sincerely believe, based upon economic and sociological studies, that our children and grandchildren will have to lead a far more frugal life. There are numerous reasons for this. As a society we have tended to grow prosperous at any expense it seems. Globalism has exploited the poor. Free trade has put many people or kept them in poverty and bondage. The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy just released a report last week that stated that the gap between the rich and poor in Manitoba has doubled in the last 20 years resulting in poorer health for the poor.  Thus my answers are predicated upon a stewardship ethic. My main concern is when the question leads with “city council” or government” should.... I do not believe it always has to be government that takes the lead on all social transformation, but it certainly can create incentives and appropriate legislation (example of tobacco smoking laws) in certain cases.  


1.       I think City Council needs to invite community discussion on how our community could be designed to cope with a less abundant future.

YES. Keep the conversation going as there seems to be sufficient evidence that the next few decades will be impacted by our over-consumerism and indebtedness as a whole.


2.       I believe City Council should provide transport alternatives for those who don't own a car such as pensioners, students and low-income families.

YES.  A key role of government is to do good by assisting the more vulnerable of our population. A public/private enterprise would be the best partnership.


3.       I believe sound urban development should include ensuring equal solar access to residential sites and building walkable, connected neighborhoods.

YES. How to ensure that is challenging as it is costly.


4.       I believe the City should provide incentives to individuals and developers who intend to use energy conserving technology.

No Answer


5.       I believe the City should purchase land to increase public green space.

YES as needed for parks, etc. as new developments are created, especially in high density areas which have small lots and no room for children to play.


6.       I think that local government has a role in the protection of native flora and fauna.

 YES in terms of awareness, education and protection.


7.       I support a role for council in discouraging the use of plastic bags.

YES. BUT this does not mean outlawing plastics. Encourage bio-degradable plastics


8.       I believe that government should challenge its citizens' ideas or habits regarding the environment.

NO ANSWER.  People challenge the government. Education informs us.


9.     I believe the use of chemicals for cosmetic lawn and garden purposes contributes to human health problems.

NO ANSWER. I am guilty of a green lawn.


10.   I believe the use of chemicals to control mosquitoes has a negative effect on other pollinators and human health.

YES. But how much of a negative effect is a significant negative effect?


11.   In recent years large corporations have taken over the grocery and stationery markets. Since large corporations have resulted in growing stress on local businesses, I believe City Council needs to take steps to stop this trend.

NO. While sympathetic to the small business owner, box stores are most shoppers’ preference. Whatever role council could play, with Winnipeg an hour away most Steinbachers will still “shop the box.”