Christian Heritage Party

This is what we received from David Reimer of the Christian Heritage Party

Do you believe that peak oil is here or near?

I do not believe that we have reached peak oil because there are stll countries like China that are increasing their demand for oil. We need to develop a viable alternative source of fuel and this has not yet been achieved. Money must be put into continuing research and developement to find a suitable replacement.

Do you believe that climate change is happening?

I do not believe that climate change is happening, except in the general sense that climate has been changing since the dawn of time. There have been significant ice ages and periods of global warming such as the medieval warm period when there was a thriving agricultural community in Greenland, which we know now a place covered in year round ice.

I do believe that polution is taking, sea, air. These are the forma of pollution that we must be concerned about and gain control over.

Do you believe that peak phosphate is here or near?

Yes, I do believe that peak phosphate is near. All 3 levels of government need to work together to develop a strategy for dealing with this serious problem. Education must begin immediately to inform consumers of the damage that is being done enviornmentally and more eco-friendly products must be promoted.

Do you believe it is appropriate to produce bio-fuels with food to supply our energy needs?

I believe that it is appropriate to find alternative fuel sources however bio-fuels has not yet reached the efficiency of oil. Caution must be used to ensure that it does not affect the food supply to developing countries. Further research and developement to establish either a comparable bio-fuel to oil or seek other options for fuel driven vehicles.