Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a food system where the food consumers partner with the food producers. In this way there is conversation about production methods (usually, but not always, organic), a sharing of the risks due to weather and other factors. The consumer feels more connected to the soil. The CSA farmer receives a set fee from the consumer prior to the start of the growing season. In return, the consumer receives shares (produce) in the farm's bounty.

Below are CSA producers we have in the Southeast. Please call them.

 Gerry and Kelly Dube, Labroquerie, 424-5566
 Stonelane Orchard, Loewen Blvd, Steinbach 371-8581
Stonelane Orchard Nursery and Market Garden carries a large variety of full size and seedling prairie hardy trees and shrubs.  In our 15 acre market garden we plant 20 types of vegetables including 5 different varieties and colours of carrots and 8 different varieties of potatoes (purple is always a hit!).   Fruit choices from Stonelane include Raspberries, Saskatoons, Blackcurrants, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Ground Cherries and Grapes.  We plant and grow with care and respect for the soil, air, plants and our workers.  This spring we will have 10 varieties of heirloom tomato plants for sale.  If you are interested in booking tomato plants or registering for our CSA contact us as soon as possible. We expect to be sold-out by spring.
 Kyle and Laura Friesen, 2 miles south of Mitchell 346-9794
Here is what they say: Our fruit farm will be a pre-pick farm once once our trees and shrubs are producing enough to sell to the general public.It will likely be at least two growing seasons before our fruit is available beyond our family and friends.