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South Eastern Suppliers: Food and Inputs

We intend here to list residents of southeastern Manitoba who have low impact food related skills they are willing to share with others. This page will only be as comprehensive and accurate as the information supplied to us. Please help us keep this information up-to-date.
 Gabriel Gagne Kokomo RoadGrowing, composting, preserving Organic gardener for 20 years. 2.3 Acres
 Gerry and Kelly Dube La BroquerieGrowing, composting, greenhousing CSA gardeners
 Jack & Ruth Heppner     SteinbachGrowing, composting Intensive raised bed gardening
 Shawn Buchanan
Jeanie Gibson
 Northern Sun FarmGrowing
 Part of intentional community
Organic inspector

Check out what Laura Reeves is doing with wild plants at the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve near Gardenton here.