Fast-rising energy costs, the “addiction to oil”, global warming, our provincial, municipal and city dependence on outside fuel sources - these are the drivers that call us to action. We can make a difference – now. The way to do it is right here in our own backyard. And the answers are here now and ready for us to take action. 

To make a difference, we need an Energy Action Group similar to Citizens for Local Power that is dedicated to finding practical answers that help us locally, today, and in our homes and businesses to conserve energy, save money and strengthen our community.

 There are many programs waiting for your action and creativity. This is what we are about – action – volunteer, get off your butt, contact us, make a difference!

In case you missed it, CBC's "The Current" did a nice piece on Peak Oil June 18.

Here is a neat 5 minute history of how we have used fossil fuels