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Educational Resources

 Food Inc. An examination of the industry that supplies our food Gerry Dube
Jeff Wheeldon
 La Broquerie 424-5566
Otterburne 433-7794
  also Movie Gallery Steinbach
 Gandhi        The Life of a Great Peacemaker, and demonstrations of effective non-violent peacemaking         Gabriel Gagne Steinbach
An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore's Movie about the danger of global warming Gabriel Gagne Steinbach
 The World According to Monsanto An expose on how this company functions Jake Epp Library Steinbach
Home     A beautiful movie about our planet, and how we are destroying it Eric Rempel Steinbach
 A Crude Awakening    The Oil Crash: We're running out of oil and we don't have a plan Eric Rempel Steinbach        
 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room   Documents the rise and fall of Enron, a corporation that defrauded millions and exemplified the worst excesses of our capitalist system. 3/5Jeff Wheeldon 
 Farenheit 9/11Michael Moore investigates the conspiracies and misinformation surrounding the Iraq war, suggesting it is about oil. 3/5 Jeff Wheeldon 
 FuelA strong case for incorporating biofuel in plans for a sustainable future. 4/5 Jeff Wheeldon 
The Future of Food Examines the global food market, focusing on the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and monoculture. 4/5 Jeff Wheeldon